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Social Events coming this summer

For those of you who like to plan ahead, here's the list of social events this summer: Sunday, June 29 - Ice Cream Social at Joe Liu's house at 3456 Balfour from 5 - 9 pm; Saturday, July 12 - Ice Cream Social at Jeffrey Nutt's house at 1631 Lexington from 5 - 9 PM; Saturday, August 9 - Ice Cream Social at Rosalind Cox's house at 1632 Lexington from 5 - 9; Saturday, August 23 - Annual Subdivision Picnic at Boulan Park at 5 - 9 pm. Hope to see you there!

New Board Members Elected

At our annual meeting on May 29, the following Board Members were elected: Jeffrey Nutt - President, Grace Bailey - Secretary and VP, Joe Liu - Social Director, Tom Bishop - Architectural Control and City Liaison, Jeff Lambrecht - Treasurer, Jim Steinhagen - Maintenance. As Jim Steinhagen is new (thanks, Jim), if you have a maintenance related question, please email Jim at james.steinhagen@internationalfleetsales.com. Congrats to all, and thanks to all! !

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting will be held at the Troy Community Center in Room 301 on Thursday, May 29 at 7:00 PM.  As usual, we will elect board members for the upcoming year, and discuss neighborhood issues.  See you there!

Sub Garage Sale - May 17, 18

Got junk?  Time to move it out.  You'll have your chance on Saturday, May 17 and Sunday, May 18 for the annual subdivision Garage Sale.  Good luck!

Happy 23rd Birthday!

Our subdivision is turning 23 today (September 10).  See the "History of SN" section for more details.  Celebrate!

Last Ice Cream Social

Thanks to Joe Liu, our new social director, who hosted the last of three ice cream socials on September 7.  Attendance was great at all three events, which were new to the sub this year.  Thanks to all that enjoyed ice cream and fellowship!

Ice Cream Social this Saturday

On Saturday, July 13, Social Director Joe Liu is proud to invite everyone to our subdivision's first Ice Cream Social.  It will be held in Joe's driveway (3456 Balfour) from 6-9 pm.  Enjoy a frozen treat while meeting your neighbors.  BTW, thanks to all who attended the sub picnic a couple of weeks ago.  Everyone had a great time! 

Picnic this Saturday!

Do not miss the annual subdivision picnic coming up this Saturday, June 22, at 5:00 to 9:00 at Boulan Park. Odd addresses bring desserts, and even addresses bring appetizers. As before, we will provide beverages and sandwiches, but we are counting on folks to bring the rest! In the past, we have gotten a great variety of foods. This is a terrific opportunity to meet your neighbors, let your kids play at the park, and put your dues money to work! We go rain or shine, but we are hoping for awesome weather. See you there!


Start cleaning out your house!  The sub garage sale is coming again this year on May 17 and 18.  The dates coincide with the garage sale going on in Troy Estates. Good luck!

Picnic a success!

Thanks to everyone who came to the picnic on Saturday.  Great weather and great company. We had a good showing from the new folks in our neighborhood, who enjoyed meeting some of us old veterans.  See you again next year!

Fall Picnic coming up!

Come one, come all!  The annual SNHA picnic will be held again this year on Saturday, September 29 at Boulan Park, Shelter #1 from 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM.  As usual, sandwiches, beer, wine, pop, and juice will be provided, but you need to bring the GOOD stuff!  Even addresses bring the desserts, and odd addresses bring the appetizers.  Rain or shine!  Questions?  Call Jeff at 248-514-3200. 

New Board Members

Thanks to everyone who attended the annual SNHA meeting on Wednesday, May 30.  Minutes are available upon request.  Elected to serve for 2012-13 were:

President:  Jeff Nutt

Vice President: Arun Joshi

Secretary:  Grace Bailey

Treasurer:  Sherry Liu

Maintenance:  John Kozak

Architectural Control:  Tom Bishop

Social and Website:  Jeff Lambrecht

City Liaison:  Deane Blythe

Welcome to Somerset North!

Dues are due!

Just a reminder that your annual homeowners dues are due by July 1.  Thank you for your cooperation in paying promptly. 

Watering Restrictions

Please try to adhere to Troy's watering restrictions by only using your sprinklers between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m.  Thanks!

Dog Poop

Please remember to clean up after your dog.  We've had several neighbors complain.  Thanks!

A Few Reminders

Based on the discussion at the Annual Meeting, the Board wishes to remind you:

Contractor signs are not allowed in your front yard or the subdivision entrance.  Please feel free to remove signs posted at the entrance.

To discontinue the placement of flyers in your mailbox, please call 248-322-2130, and a red dot will be placed on your mailbox. 

Please adhere to the watering (underground sprinkler) rules discussed below.

Boat trailers or other trailers are not allowed in driveways.

Do not speed through the subdivision!  It's not "outsiders" doing this.  It's residents!  SLOW DOWN! 

Your cooperation in these matters is greatly appreciated.


Let's keep our neighborhood safe!